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We are happy to share new photos and information. An update from July of 2020 says the following:  In recent months there has been improved in Sully’s desire to explore new places.  He is interested in the children around him and in interacting with them.  Sully has limited visual perceptions but is striving for tracking and  has a purposeful grip on toys, objects and people. He is mostly calm.  During the day he actively moves by turning, rolling, pushing.  He does not like to be in a sitting position.  There are episodes of stereotypical shaking of his body and persistent sucking on his hands. He does not like to be moved from his comfort zone.  His interest in toys is more long lasting.   He rolls balls and other toys and moves to reach out to them.  He defends himself if another child tries to take away his toys.  He enjoys the presence of other children and enjoys physical contact with them.  He is delayed in his speech development.  He has a good appetite and calm sleep.


Sully was born in October 2015 and has retinopathy and some delays.

Our Eastern European representative met Sully in March 2018 and wrote the following report. Sully was playing with the toy I brought him at times, and it definitely managed to keep his attention for quite a long time. He reached for it with both his hands, and was passing it from one hand to the other, sometimes putting it to his mouth. Even when the toy’s ring slid off and fell beside him, he deliberately reached for it and was taking it without a problem. From one moment on, he began to “examine it” with his mouth.

All the members of staff with whom I had the opportunity to speak, believe that despite Sully’s blindness, he has some partial vision, though he may only see shadows. They think that Sully follows the objects and reaches exactly the one he likes and tries to catch it, and they have been observing this since he was younger.

He likes to be cuddled. He likes to be teased. When he is tickled, he smiles and laughs aloud.

According to the staff, Sully certainly has potential but will need complex therapy! They shared that they generally practice a much more intensive work with the children with started adoption procedure, which means that if adoptive parents are found for Sully, the staff will start working with him more intensively. In addition, Sully will continue to need work with specialists in the future but most of all he needs to be in a loving and supportive family environment. According to the staff, Sully can sit without support but he needs more confidence, courage and, above all, stability and attention from one person who would be constantly around him. As a character – he could be hard working and when he decides he wants something, he does not easily give up.

According to the psychologist, at the base of the delays in the overall development of Sully are the lack of a stable emotional connection between Sully and another person, a person who is constantly and daily around the child. Therefore, at this stage, it is very difficult to give a realistic forecast of his future progress. She believes that building an emotional relationship with a prospective adoptive parent is the basis for his future progress. The children in general, when they do different things, they usually make them for somebody and this somebody is their stimuli to work harder and to achieve things.

Personal impressions:
A very charming little boy who definitely needs a regular, systematic, everyday work with specialists, but most of all he needs a loving family who loves him, cuddles him, plays with him, sings to him, gives him joy, excitement and stimulates him to develop! We pray that this child finds his forever family soon!

In recent months, Sully has shown improvement in his emotional tone and a desire to explore new spaces. He is interested in the children around him and in interacting with them.

Sully has limited visual perceptions, but there is a striving for tracking and purposeful grip on toys, objects and people. He is predominantly calm, adapted to his routine.

For about a year, the child has a long-lasting interest in toys – exploring them and playing with them. He focuses and tracks desired toys, he likes brightly colored /yellow/ or toys with sounds. Rolls balls and other toys, moves to reach them out. He plays with them while manipulates with them for a long time. He accepts a close presence of children and physical contact with them, their proximity is a pleasure for him. Sully recognizes the adults from the staff, laughs at the jokes, and seeks physical closeness. The child’s attention stays briefly on the activities and games offered.

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