Bulgaria is a beautiful country located in Eastern Europe.  Bulgaria is a country with many thousands of children of all ages living in orphanages and who are available for adoption.  Children are referred to families through a central registry monitored by the Ministry of Justice.  The adoption process in Bulgaria requires each agency to have an attorney who will represent them and who will oversee the adoption process once a prospective adoptive family submits the paperwork for an adoption.  Our Bulgarian partner agency has years of extensive adoption experience and is very knowledgeable and is very knowledgeable about the international adoption process.


There are no accurate statistics on how many children with special needs are waiting for adoption in China. But because of the large population of China, coupled with the difficulty of caring for a disabled child, biological parents often time abandon disabled children. These abandoned children are picked up by the police and placed into orphanages. Boys and girls with special needs are available and all of these children desperately need a family for care for them. Often times the child’s special need is minor or correctable, although there are some with profound disabilities.

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Haiti is a beautiful Island country in the Caribbean located due east of Cuba and shares the island of Hispanola with the Dominican Republic. There are no accurate statistics published on how many children are available for adoption in Haiti. However, some estimate there are a million orphaned children in this country. Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere with over 7% of the adult population unemployed. Due to political unrest and dire economic circumstances in this country, many Haitian children have been given up for adoption. Most children are under the age of 3 years old and the fees to adopt a child from Haiti are quite reasonable.

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The country of Tonga is a beautiful Island nation located in the South Pacific and is close to Australia and New Zealand.  Tonga is in the same general area as other familiar Island nations such as Fiji, Samoa, and the Solomon Islands.  Our Tonga adoption program is very unique and is designed for Tongan families living in the U.S. who have a relative or friend living in Tonga who wants to place their child with a family member.  These adoptions are normally completed quickly and the timeline from the beginning of the process until the adoption is completed and the child comes home to the U.S. is approximately 6 to 8 months.

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