Lilyana was born in January 2013 and has cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus.

We visited Lilyana and we truly hope that a family for her will be found. She is the sweetest girl and is very tough and hard-working. We and the staff of the Center where she lives believe that she has a potential for better development in a loving family environment.

Lilyana is a fighter, who does not want to give up! Lilyana deserves a family to support and love her! She will need many therapies, consultations and more individual attention, and the only way for this to be provided is if she has the chance to get to know the love of her loving and forever family! We are amazed by this little girl, by her energy. Lilyana is an unusually tenacious child, who finds her own way to achieve her goals! I will pray for this little one, I do hope that she will be found by her forever and loving family very soon! I saw her smiling eyes, filled with great joy by the attention I paid her and while I played a bit with her.

Lilyana has been receiving every day physical therapy and speech therapy. At the time of admittance she did only chaotic movements with her arms and legs. Now she has improved. When they put her to sit she does not cry any more. She has some sense of light – she follows actively with her eyes and turning her head objects and sounds. The girl likes music. She responds positively to sound stimulation with favorite songs, soft talking or nice music. She responds with a smile and with positive emotion when someone talks to her gently. She smiles and expresses her emotions with clear vocalizing. When she hears a known to her song she immediately reacts with a smile. Over the recent months she has been vocalizing more and more and expresses more emotions.

We asked about her potential. The specialists attending the meeting said that it is hard to say because she is very young. They expect that emotionally she will keep improving. They cannot say how her speech or motor development will evolve. It is expected that her non-verbal communication will keep improving. They have worked with her since August 2015 and there are positive results. There is positive development in her motor skills and especially in her emotional development. In the beginning she did not react at all to any stimulation. Now she responds very well to tactile, sound and visual stimulation. Rosy likes being caressed. She laughs loudly when they use a tactile ball. The extension reflex has decreased because her stomach muscles have become stronger. Now she is able to rise on her own to some point when the therapist holds her hands /see video/.She keeps trying more often to fold her legs towards the stomach and crawl.
The child reacted to our talking to her; she smiled at us and was impressed by the light of the camera and kept following it with her eyes. She was very happy and beaming all the time. It was obvious that she was trying to do her best when the physical therapist showed to us what they do /see video/.

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