Thank you for your interest in our domestic adoption program.  Domestic adoption can be an emotional and difficult journey, but we know it can also be an amazing experience.  If you are considering a domestic adoption, we would be honored to walk with you on this journey.  Many people worry about having a large, expensive home, beautiful furniture, or being clean to the extreme.  You should have a home that is reasonably clean, free of hazards, and a home that is safe and loving.  The information below will help to answer some of your questions and understand the adoption process a little better.

What is the cost of a domestic adoption?

Money is an important issue for every adopting family.  The total cost for a domestic adoption is $20,000 plus the cost of a home study.   If you already have a completed home study our agency is happy to review and use your home study if it is less than 18 months old.  If you do not have a current home study, one of our social workers will be happy to complete a home study for you.  The cost of a home study for a domestic adoption is $1000.

We feel it is important for families interested in domestic adoption to explore all options once the decision is made to adopt a baby or a child, and we are happy to provide copies of your completed home study so you can submit it to as many other agencies as you wish.  Sharing your home study with other agencies will increase the chances of being matched with a birth mother who wants to place her baby with you.

How to begin

The beginning cost to submit an application to WIA is $200.  Once that application has been submitted and approved, we can begin working with you as an adoptive family.  We will assist you to obtain a home study if needed.   We will help you create a family profile that will be shared with birth mothers who are searching for a family to adopt their baby.

Are there requirements we have to meet to be an adoptive family?

If you are a married couple, your marriage should be strong and stable.  If you are a single mother our social worker will ask questions about your current relationships, and your outlook on marriage and parenting a child as a single mother.

In order to parent a child it is important that you are in good health and able to meet the physical demands of parenting.

Many birth parents want to place their child with a family who practices a specific religion while other birth parents may not have any spiritual requirements. Information regarding your spiritual beliefs enables the birth parents to choose a family that fits her desires.

What do you like to do for fun, do you like to travel, do you have a hobby, and how will your child fit into your life style.

Does your extended family and your friends support your decision to adopt?

Do you have enough space to accommodate a child?  Is your home clean and safe from hazards:  What about schools and other children in the neighborhood?

Although you do not need to be rich to adopt a child, you do need to be financially stable and be able to provide the necessities of life for your child.

Criminal background and Abuse checks:  In order to adopt a child you must be willing and able to pass a criminal and abuse background check from every state in which you have lived since you were 18 years old.

There are many things to consider when considering infant domestic adoption.  Our adoption counselors are available and happy to discuss all aspects of domestic infant adoption with you at any time.  For more information or to talk with one of our domestic adoption counselors please call or email our office.

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