Mitt was born in March 2004 and is the brother of Konrad.

Both children had been raised by their biological mother until February 2011, when Mitt was almost 7, and Konrad was 4.5 years old. After being abandoned they were placed at the Family Residential Placement Center for almost two years, and since 27 Dec 2012 – in a foster family. The reason for abandoning the children was the inability of their mother to take care of them.
During my visit I met with their social worker and foster mother.

The foster parents are elderly people (about 60 years of age) and the two boys call them “uncle” and “aunt”. Their biological children are grown up and live outside their house.
The foster family takes good care of the children and manages to teach them to love school reading. The foster mother shared that both children are very obedient and love to help her with the household chores. They have excellent score at school. Mitt has just graduated 4th, and Konrad – 2nd grade. The children said that they have a lot of friends, both at school and the neighborhood.
They love to play soccer and often join different teams in order to compete. Sometimes they argue and in most cases it is because of the younger brother (as it is always the case about siblings). Still, they had managed to establish a strong bond between them.
When asked about what they want to become, Mitt said that he wants to be an archeologist, therefore he is reading a lot of historical books and encyclopedias, and Konrad said he wants to become a ship’s cook and travel the world.

Both children are extremely positive, friendly and easy smiling. They appear to be obedient and well-mannered and know what is wrong and right. They know their potential and capabilities and feel proud with these.
The love and care received by the foster parents give them a sense of security and self-esteem.

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