Post Child Adoption

Most foreign countries require that post adoption reports are sent on a specific schedule to assure foreign officials that the child and the adoptive parents are doing well.  Depending on the foreign country, anywhere from one to six, or more, post adoption reports may be required.  Foreign countries may also require annual parent reports to be provided until the child turns 18 years of age.  A social worker will visit with you and your child in your home to complete the post adoption evaluation and may offer any support or resources that may be beneficial at this time.  When completed, the evaluation is processed through the agency and is sent to the foreign adoption authorities.  These reports are an important commitment on your part.  Fees are charged to pay for the administration of these reports, translations, and mailing.  You will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to provide these post adoption reports after your child is home. We have a post adoption specialist who will help you with these post adoption requirements, specific to the country from which you adopt.


In the past, adoptive parents had to complete naturalization forms and submit them to USCIS in order to obtain naturalization for the adopted child.  In October of 2000, the Child Naturalization act was signed into law.  Generally, when an adopted child enters the U.S., citizenship is automatically conferred on the adopted child and no other action is necessary for citizenship.  Automatic citizenship is determined on the type of visa the child is issued.  For further information on visas, visit USCIS’s website at .

Finalization, Recognition or Readoptoin

We highly recommend that families look into having their international adoption recognized by their state of residence.  Depending on your state of residence, the court procedure may be called finalization, recognition or readoption.  We have found to be very advantageous for internationally adopted children to have a U.S. Birth Certificate following their arrival home.  There are states that do not require this process but we encourage it to be done, regardless, for the benefit of the child in future years.  You can access the guidelines for readoption on the website for each state.  In some instances, you can work through this process on your own without hiring legal counsel.

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