Wasatch International Adoptions (WIA) was founded in 1997 to facilitate inter-country adoptions and to provide humanitarian and educational aid for children who reside in orphanages of these foreign countries.  WIA’s motto, “A Child’s Way Home” reflects their desire to place available, needy children in safe and loving homes.  The main focus of WIA is find families for children, not children for families.  As a result, WIA requires adoptive families to undergo extensive training on many topics to better prepare them to parent an adopted child.  The needs of the child are always greater than the needs of the adoptive parents.

WIA strives to provide exceptional and reliable service.  WIA has been COA accredited.  WIA has been Hague accredited since 2008. WIA is also a member of the professional organizations Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCISC) and National Council for Adoption (NCFA).

Since 1997, WIA has placed hundreds and hundreds of children with loving families living in the United States.  WIA currently has successful adoption programs in:  Bulgaria, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, and Taiwan.  In the past they have worked with the Federated states of the Marshall Islands, Republic of Moldova, Azerbaijan, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Ukraine.

Over the years they have:

  • Sent food, clothing, blankets and medical supplies to orphanages all over the world.
  • Arranged for the repair and upgrade of orphanage facilities in Bulgaria, Romania and the Pacific Islands.
  • Helped build a medical hospital for orphans in Guatemala.
  • Provided educational materials and tuition for children and have helped pay for the medical needs of children in China, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, the Marshall Islands and Guatemala.
  • Built an orphanage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Provided cows to orphanages in Vietnam.

Wasatch International Adoptions (WIA) is a full service, COA/Hague accredited, nonprofit, 501(c)3 agency, licensed in 1997.

We specialize in both domestic and international adoption programs and child assistance programs. We have helped place thousands of children with families across the United States and with U.S. families living abroad. There is no end to the children who are waiting for a home and our motto, A Child’s Way Home, reflects our desire to find adoptive homes for children living around the world.

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