The Dossier Documentation

The dossier is a compilation of documents which is assembled for the foreign government. Every country is unique and each has different document requirements. WIA’s training manuals will lead you step by step through the process so you are able to complete your dossier with ease. The following are some of the documents required:

  • Birth Certificates of both parents – original certified copies
  • Marriage licenses and divorce decrees from previous marriages – original certified copies
  • Physician letters confirming the good health of prospective parents
  • Letters of reference
  • Financial statements, tax records and letters from your bank verifying your accounts
  • Letter from employer confirming position, salary and length of employment
  • Local police records, state background and child abuse clearances
  • Home Study – long and short versions
  • Pictures of your home and family

You need three copies of all documents so you have enough original copies to give USCIS, the child placing agency and the foreign government. Many of these documents will be needed to support information included in your home study. Most of these documents must also be authenticated by the State Department and verified at a foreign Embassy.

**Note: Upon request, WIA will disclose the following: Service policy Contracts, the number of adoption placements per year for the prior 3 calendar years, the number of placements that remain intact, the number of families who apply to adopt each year, and the number of waiting children eligible for adoption. To obtain this information please call our office.

the dossier

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