Alexa is 11 and is has some hearing impairment.

Alexa has individual education program. She is able to count to 20, to add and deduct from 1 to 10 with the help of educational aids. Alexa is well oriented in space already. She can write with printed letters and can syllabize. Her neuro-psychic development corresponds to her age!!! Her hearing has improved also – she can hear speech from 3 meters and she answers questions.
She is physically healthy. Her teeth are healthy /she visited a dentist in May 2016/. Alexandra’s gross motor skills are perfectly well developed. Her fine motor skills have improved a lot. She colors perfectly well and is able to pick and combine colors /you cans see one of the photos – she did the coloring and picked the colors/; the girl has artistic taste. She can follow a line with a pencil. She does applique with ready-made materials.
Everyday skills: She tidies her locker and keeps it clean; she selects her clothes and keeps herself clean.

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