2nd Chance Adoption

The 2nd Chance Adoption Program

This program helps families who have adopted a child, either domestically or internationally, and find the child is not adjusting well into the new home. Our 2nd Chance Adoption Program is the best hope for a child who is struggling in their adoptive placement and the best hope for parents who have done all they can to help the child. When the difficult decision is made by the adoptive family to find a new home for their child, WIA can help locate a new family for their child through a legal and ethical process.

Is a 2nd Chance Adoption considered ‘re-homing’ ?

No, our 2nd Chance Adoption Program does not ‘re-home’ a child. Instead we use a carefully regulated, legal process following all the laws of the state in which the child lives and all laws of the state in which the new adoptive family lives. New adoptive families must have a current home study and background clearances to ensure they are approved by their state of residence to parent an adopted child. During the adoption process both the placing family and the adoptive family have legal representation, and before a child can leave their original adoptive home each state must give their approval for the adoption. The adoption of the child is finalized in a recognized court just like any other domestic adoption.

How does a child get matched with a new family?

Placing families have the opportunity to read about prospective adoptive families and actively participate in the matching process in order to find the right home for their child. Prospective adoptive families have access to the child’s school record as well as medical and psychological information in order to understand what the child’s needs are. Access to this information helps prospective adoptive parents evaluate their ability to parent the child before the match is made. WIA works with both families who desire to place a child and families interested in adopting a child. We can help to match the child with an adoptive family that has the experience, ability and resources to help the child being placed with them.

Is this program successful?

Yes, the 2nd Chance Adoption Program is the best hope for a child who is struggling in their adoptive home. We have great empathy for parents who have done all they can to help their child but have come to the difficult decision that they have no more resources. Because the new adoptive families have copious information about the child they wish to adopt and are prepared to parent a child from an adoption dissolution, we find that nearly all of these children thrive and do exceptionally well in their new 2nd Chance adoptive home. Parents who need a new home for their adopted child will not face any court or social service recriminations because this is a legal and appropriate way to help a child be adopted a second time.

What should I do if I want to place my adopted child with another family?

If you have made the decision to place your child with another family, you can contact our Second Chance for Kids program coordinator, Cyndi Peck. Everything you share with Cyndi is confidential. She will listen to you as you explain your situation. Once she understands your situation, she will give you all the information you need to get started on the journey to place your adopted child with another family. It is best to contact Cyndi through email – [email protected] – and when she receives your email she will call you.  If both you as the placing family and WIA determine that your child is a good candidate for this program, the only fee you pay for our services is $1500. When your child is successfully matched, WIA will assist you in finding an attorney in your state of residence to help you meet state requirements for the placement of your child with the new adopting family.  There will be additional costs for the services of the attorney. The fees charged by the attorney will vary from state to state.

What do I need to do to apply as a prospective adoptive family?

If you are interested in finding out more about adopting a child through our 2nd Chance Adoption Program, you can contact us at [email protected]. All of the children are available through this website and on our 2nd Chance Facebook page.


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