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We finally received an update on our precious Nisha!  Be sure to see her new photos and video. She is completely charming!  We also received a report dated 8-16-19 from the orphanage and it says the following:


1.Does Nisha attend school?

Yes, she attends a special class in the orphanage.

  1. What grade is she in?

First Grade.

3.Is she performing at grade level?

Closer to Kindergarten class level.

4.Does she learn quickly or does it take a lot of repetition for her to learn a new subject or skill?

It takes Nisha a lot of repetition for her to learn a new subject or skill.

5.How is her cognitive development?

She can clearly call Dad, Mom and Grandma. Uncle’s pronunciation is a little unclear.

6.Does she retain the information she is taught?


7.How is her fine and gross motor development?

She can walk and run by herself. She can open a bag to take food to eat.

8.How is her behavior?

She has a bright personality and likes to play with children.

9.Does she get along with other children?

Yes, she does.

10.Does she have friends?

Yes, she does.

11.Is she toilet trained?

Yes, she is.

12.Can she bathe herself?

Not yet.

13.Current measurements?

height 103cm, weight 16kg, head size 50cm, chest size 55cm.



We have had sweet girl Nisha’s file before but are anxious to advocate for her again.  Nisha born in May of 2012 has so much to offer!  We are waiting on a new update that we will post as soon as we have it but currently her need seems to be in her communication skills.  When reading the report I wonder about her hearing?  At this time the medical information we have is from January 2019 and is as follows:


Height: 90cm, Weight: 13kg, Head circumference: 49.5cm, Chest circumference: 50cm, Foot length: 13cm, Teeth: 21

She has not had any new treatment, rehab, surgery, or illnesses. She can alert the nannies when she needs to go to the bathroom, control her BMs and urination, and independently go to the bathroom.

She can independently eat and drink, but she needs to have help stay next to her because she can spill food. Usually she eats with a spoon.  Her cognitive abilities and intelligence are average; she understands what she can and can’t do. Her communication ability is relatively poor; she will only say a few simple terms. She can communicate her thoughts and feelings through her body movements. When she says greeting words she speaks more clearly; other types of communication are relatively unclear. Her learning ability is relatively good, it’s just that compared to other children the same age her language learning is behind, but she has a relatively strong imitation ability. She does not have a history of seizures. Her vision has no impairments; she can see things. She likes to play together with the other children in her room; when they go outside to play she will also play together with other children from the home. She has a happy personality. When she sees a stranger she will first observe them, and then according to her judgement she will either avoid them or make contact. She is relatively mischievous; she is very curious about new things and is in an exploratory phase of understanding the world.

See her videos:


3/1/2018 3/1/2018

Sweet Nisha was born in May of 2012.  She is considered a quiet little girl although she can become animated when around her peers.  Her special need is listed as mild cerebral palsy and delay.  She has had a CT scan and it was clear. Her update from March 2018 says the following.  Height: 90cm, Weight: 12.5kg, Head circumference: 49.5cm, Chest circumference: 51cm, Teeth: 21.  Nisha can follow three directions.  She is sometimes able to use four and five letter sentences.  She can throw and catch a ball.  She can jump forward and walk on tiptoes.  She can unbutton clothing and can dress herself.  She can wash her hands and know the names of two playmates. She can brush her teeth and transfer food into containers. Staff and others can understand what she says.  She can walk and run like children her age.  Please watch her videos to get a glimpse of her personality.

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