A WIA specific grant may be attached to the adoption of this child. The grant is in the amount of $2,500.  Please talk to Kathy Junk about eligibility requirements.

Mason was born in November of 2015 and has deformity of the ears

Meet Cute Mason! He is just about three years old and is already attending the early childhood education program.

According to his file:

The early childhood education teacher gave him responsive care, often hold him in arms and talk to him, or take him outside to enjoy the sunshine. The teacher organize games base on the child’s interests, teaching him to recognize, teaching him language, emotion, and physical activities. The child is quiet, likes pushing balls, and getting with other children well, likes playing games with other children. At present time, his physical development, motion ability and language development are delayed than his peers. His ears deformity have no effect to his life. He has reaction when he was called, no need to call him very loudly. When teacher calls his name, he could turn his head to the sound and crawl over, can make “da da” sound, can stand for a while without holding him, can be cooperative when putting clothes and socks. If other child try to grab toy from him, he will hold the toy tightly and yells, and push the other child away. He likes riding wood horse. After assisted him ride on wood horse, he will hold the handle tightly, and feet make forward strength hardly to make the wood horse rocks. When the wood horse is rocking, he makes “ai ai” sound.

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