With the Covid-19 Pandemic, it’s understandable that prospective adoptive families may be hesitant to begin an adoption from China.  However, pandemics don’t last forever. Even though China is closed to international travel just now, China is still processing adoption paperwork.  We continue to receive information on available children, and we are still locking in children for adoptive parents.

Now is a great time to consider adopting from China.  With this pause in travel, there is ample time to complete a home study and gather all the dossier documents that will be submitted to China.  Gathering these documents and the home study process is time consuming and may take several months to complete.

China Options

Locking Method

Once your home study is complete you may choose a child from our waiting child list to be locked in for you.  You will have six months from that lock in date to submit your entire dossier to China. The child will be held for you until CCCWA has thoroughly reviewed the dossier and issued a referral. 

Dossier Log in Method

Another option is to prepare ALL your dossier paperwork first and send it to China where you will receive a Log In Date or what is commonly referred to as an LID. This route will allow you to be matched with a child that could be younger or have milder special needs.  The waiting time frame as to when you can be matched will depend on your log in date.  Those families that have dossiers waiting in China before you will be matched first. 

This is the standard process for adopting a child from China, and during this time when there is no travel to China, you will be able to get all the paperwork done and be one of the first batches of adoptive parents to be able to start. This will actually be advantageous for you to begin the paper chase on your end and when the travel ban is lifted your adoption may be close to being finished. 


We understand these are strange and sometimes scary times for everyone.  But if you want to adopt a child from China, you might consider starting the process now to get a jump start on your adoption journey.  If you are interested in this international adoption program, please give us a call at 801-334-8683 or email our Inquiry Specialist, Kathy Junk, [email protected].


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