The England Grant of $2500 may be available for qualifying families.

Individualized grant funding for qualifying families may be available through our President’s Grant.  Contact us for more details!

Just look at this darling boy, Hudson!  Hudson was born in August of 2016 and so is only four years old.  His CT scan showed nothing abnormal on the brain and the doctor then questioned external hydrocephalus. Nothing in the report seems to confirm that.  He is said to be developmentally delayed but is making good strides.  You have got to see ALL his videos – he is just so cute!!  An update from April of 2019 says the following: Hudson has been healthy recently. He does not currently take any medication. He is extroverted, and he likes to be with familiar people. He is very attached to the “mother” who takes care of him most of the time. He can tell the strangers from the ones he knows. His medical needs have no big influence of his daily life for now. He understands common everyday language and he follows instructions well. Such as: “ go shut the door” and he would do it. He can point to the right child if we say their names. And he would pat the nanny if he needs something, make ah…ah…ah sound and point to the relevant places at the same time. But he does not talk. He can walk while pushing something, and he can walk when one hand been held. He can also walk with holding furniture. His fine motor skills are not as agile as same age children. For example: he can use his fingers to pick up scraps of paper or hair and put them into the bottle, but he does it slowly, not so agile. He can point to the five sense organs since he was two and half years old. He can stack five to six small pieces of blocks. We do not have concerns about his vision or hearing according to observations at present. He is accepting early education in our Nursery Center now. We do not notice any issues with his memory according to observations at present. He only found out he is a little delayed at motor development and language development compared to his peers. There is no other problem have being found up to now. He is attached to the nanny who takes care of him and the people that he likes. He likes to play with familiar children around him. But he does not have favorite friends.  Doesn’t this little guy sound like the perfect addition to your family?!


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Please be aware that children on our waiting list may be under review by multiple families. Additionally, a child’s availability status may change on short notice. Please contact [email protected] for the most up-to-date status of a child.


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