Weston ***UPDATE***


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Update for Weston from 9-24-19

Weston can sit alone, can crawl  but he cannot climb.  He can stand for a moment but not walking.  His heart will not need future repair.  He does not babble yet.  The cerebral palsy does affect his arms and legs although he has improved every month physically and is much better than before.  His mental development is delayed compared to his peers.  The orphanage was not able obtain a new video.


Chubby cheeked Weston was born March of 2018.  He was left at five months of age in a box outside a civil office with a birth note. When he was found,  he had already received heart surgery and that appears to have been successful.  His current diagnoses is Cerebral Palsy.  On admission to the institute a caretaker was arranged for who had a strong sense of responsibility to parent him. After much intervention by the caretaker, Weston began to really grow.  He could stand for a moment on his feet, when someone speaks to him or teases him, he laughs happily; he knows how to play and plays with his fingers when he is in good mood while making sounds of yiyiyaya; he opens his eyes to look around and listen.

Now he is 10months old; his reaction is flexible; he knows his name, turns to look for the caretaker when he is crying; he can stand with armpits held for a moment; he can hold his head up while lying on his stomach, can roll over from supine position; when put on the bed he crawls from the head of the bed to the end of the bed; he can grasp toys with his hands that are handed to him; his right hand is more flexible than left hand; he can grasp it tightly.  He prefers to sit on the caretaker’s lap, jumps on it and is happy to giggle. He is active and restless, has a ready smile and is not afraid of the stranger. We will be requesting an update on this cutie pie soon!

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