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Video of Branson:

This sweet boy has a very sad story.  Because of his illness he is isolated from the other children and is often in pain.

Our attorney visited Branson, January 25, 2019 and shared the following:

During most of the time of our visit Branson was uneasy and not so open for interaction with us as he was in pain. He recently was discharged from consecutive hospitalizations for his main disease which causes many purulent formations (furuncles) all over the whole body. The surgeon must lance them regularly at the hospital.  During the visit he was just discharged and his entire seat had been lanced. He constantly has such furuncles on the testicles, seat, etc., which is followed by inflammatory activity requiring treatment. He also had abscess in the lungs at one time. His medical state requires monitoring in order not to allow such abscesses to appear on the internal organs. The staff constantly follows him and he is on several medications.  Branson’s official medical diagnosis consists of Agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, Anemia, gastroesophageal reflux, Protein-calorie malnutrition – III degree, Atopic dermatitis and delay in psycho-motor development.

Because of his state and in order to keep him away from infections, he is isolated from the rest of the children and lives and spends his days alone. In data by the staff he is very curious and observing all the children through the window (as his room is separated from the room of the rest of the children with a window, so he can see them all the time). He is enjoying observing them. If Branson wants to attract adult’s attention, he finds his own way to do so. Usually, he knocks on the window with some toy or starts crying. He is “thirsty” for adult’s attention and he loves to receive it. It also was reported that he is observed to have stereotype behavior. My opinion is that this is his way to engage himself, to have fun – he stays alone all the time and in this activity he finds relief. And this isolation from the other children is one of the main reasons for his delay.  The other is because of his hospitalizations where he seems to regress when he comes back.

During our visit Branson was upset because of the pain that he was experiencing and also because of our presence as strangers and the unknown environment he was brought to. He definitely was upset when the lady from the staff left the room. He tried to cry. We were told he could not sit at this time because of the sores. He stayed in my hands upright or by holding himself to the chair.  In every attempt of mine to put him on the floor he started saying “no” and started crying. Almost at the end he allowed me to put him on the ground, on his stomach, in order to show us how he crawls. We did not have as much time as we would have liked with him and unfortunately this short time was not enough for him to get relaxed with us (Although he spent most of the time in my hands). He answered in short on several of my questions. Branson showed me his preference to the toys that he wanted to see and check into the room. The door in this room was opened all the time and he showed himself as very curious boy. Everyone who passed through the corridor or was talking in front of the door was carefully examined by him. Branson is very curious and likes to see what is going on around him. He is very happy when receiving personal attention. Branson for sure recognizes known and unknown people and shows preference to the knownJ. For all his diagnosis and frequent hospitalizations, it could be said that Branson is intellectually preserved. Of course, he has delays but that is normal under the circumstances. He stays isolated alone in a room and only observing the children through the window. He is frequently hospitalized and he stays alone in the hospital having a lot of pain because of the furuncles and the frequent lancing.

This handsome and good little boy really needs a better environment to live in. I do believe that still there are people who are open to a child who is so thirsty for attention and love. I am sure that he will achieve much more in his development and for sure he will show his good potential.

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