A WIA specific grant may be attached to the adoption of this child. The grant is in the amount of $2,500.  Please talk to Kathy Junk about eligibility requirements.


Our attorney recently said that she hopes we will be able to find a family for Raina as fast as possible as she is placed in a Center for children with some very severe mental and physical disabilities and she is actually absolutely healthy mentally. She has Spina bifida but she does not have any physical hindrance to walk or run or do any other physical actions. The staff is therefore using her to help them and also watch the children.  She loves the children but we do not believe that the place of a healthy child is there.”


Raina was born in November of 2006.  She initially was diagnosed with spina bifida but had surgery to repair it.  She suffers no issues except for enuresis.  Raina has good control over her motor skills, movements are exact, coordinated and intentional. Raina has well developed motor skills.

Perceptions which Raina experiences correspond to her calendar age. As to basic concepts and knowledge the child does well. She can bring properly object to certain group objects and to separate its qualities and characteristics accordingly given tasks. Raina has good concentration.   She is able to find differences between objects and two similar pictures. She is able to play games connected with attention and quick reaction.

Raina is able to create new image or object on given task. She does story retell by experience or on a pictures. Rain is creative.

Rains is able to communicate with peers and older than her. Raina’s speech is clear and with good articulation.  Raina has decreased self-esteem. She dreams to be actor or singer. She has inclination to break the rules if there are no authorities. She tries to stand her ground.

Raina is able to make friendships but has difficulties in their maintaining. She is inclined to use unacceptable language and insulted phrases but does not put feelings into the said. In residential service shows required behavior according to the others. She likes to draw and colors during her spare time and to watch TV. It is observed creative thinking in creative aspect and in using of different materials according to her ideas.

Raina will be 6th grade in Primary school. In school she deals according to her possibilities. She has gaps in her knowledge in mathematics and English and because of this she has difficulties in these objects.  The child has skills for self-service – eating, dressing, arranging belongings and etc., she does not maintain good personal hygiene.

Raina wants to be adopted but does not believe that she will be adopted.

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