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Sweet Seth was born in September of 2015.  He has had surgery for congenital dysplasia of hips and congenital club feet. He is also listed as having facial deformity. An x-ray showed no abnormality of the bones of maxillofacial region and excluded mandibular deformity. The results of the outpatient examination showed that multiple joint contractures of the mouth were suspected and he could not close his jaw because of this. The caregivers feed him food that could melt in his mouth such as pureed fruits and avoid foods that need to be chewed.

Seth’s report is from June of 2019 and says the following:  Seth has a ready smile and is active and restless. He looks dignified and strong and lovely. Usually he is fond of playing with toys with the children in the same group. He likes to sit on the cushion, roll it up and then level it. He plays happily. He loves snacks such as cotton candy and Wangzai small steamed bun. He loves all kinds of fruit puree. He sleeps on his own bed at night, has moderate sleep and sleeps through the night. He has not been toilet trained.  From May 16, 2016 to May 24, 2016, he was sent to Children’s Hospital for hospitalization and treatment due to feet deformity at birth. After finishing the related examination, on May 18, 2016, he had the examination of hips joint and the result showed: both sides acetabulum development shallow flat, right femur head epiphysis did not appear. On May 22, 2016, he had examination of pelvis and the result showed: the bilateral femurs were located in the acetabulum. On May 21, 2016, release of adductor and hip dislocation reduction and release of equinovarus were made on May 21, 2016. Procedure of operation was successful. He recovered well.

Seth has rehabilitation training twice each week. He can now crawl.  He can stand while holding onto the handrail and can walk back and forth. His actions are flexible and he doesn’t need to help. He is now able to take two steps alone but his gait is unsteady. He is able to play with toys alone over 10 minutes; he can take the blocks and rattles out of the box. When he sees a new toy he studies how to play with it.  He can put the toy back in the bag and give it to the adult. He can hold the feeding bottle with one hand or two hands.

He can say some simple words such as Mom and I know. He understands what the adults say. He knows the adult’s instructions.  He know his name.  He can hold his head up when called. He is not afraid or timid when he meets strangers.  Once you play with him for a awhile, he would give you a smile. When the caretaker helps him to put on his clothes, he is very cooperative. In the group, the caretakers say that he is an adored boy. He gets along well with children in the same room. Sometimes he shares the candies in his hand with other children.  He often plays with blocks.  We would be happy to request video footage for an interested family.

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