A WIA specific grant may be attached to the adoption of this child. The grant is in the amount of $2,500.  Additional grant funding from a private donor may be available to qualifying families.  Please talk to Kathy Junk about eligibility requirements.

This precious girl is Feonna.  She was born August of 2009.  She has been waiting for her family for a long time. Her special need is listed as estropia of right eye and slow motor reflex.  During a recent update, it is said she does not speak.  Feonna has lived with a foster family since 2010.  Her surroundings in photos and videos seem to indicate she lives in quite a poor area and she does not attend school.  Below is current information we received May of 2019.

  • What is her current height and weight? Height 120cm. Weight 21.5kg
    2) What is her daily schedule like? She eats around 7-8 am, and after breakfast, her foster mother takes her out to play. She usually sits there and laughs as she watches the children play. She pats the bed when she wants to sleep at night.
    3) Does she have any favorite toys, activities, friends? She likes dolls.
    4) Is she attending school? What grade is she in? Is it a specialized school? Please describe her learning at school. She isn’t attending school.
    5) Does she have good attention to other people when interacting with them? Yes.
    6) Does she understand what others are saying when they speak to her? She understands part of what others say.
    7) Does she have clear, age appropriate speech? No, she doesn’t speak.
    8) What are her strengths (things she’s really good at)? Don’t know.
    9) What are her current limitations (things she struggles with)? No.
    10) Does she see any specialists? Doctors? Does she take any medications? No.
    11) Has she had any surgeries or hospitalizations? Never. How is her overall health? Her overall health is moderate.

For more information, please contact: [email protected].   You will be asked to complete a parent eligibility form before any file information can be released.

Please be aware that children on our waiting list may be under review by multiple families. Additionally, a child’s availability status may change on short notice. Please contact [email protected] for the most up-to-date status of a child.


WIA is not responsible for the medical information summarized here.  Medical information sent by other countries may be inaccurate or incomplete.  Prospective Adoptive Parents reserve the right to have medical information evaluated by a medical professional in the United States.


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