Savannah ***UPDATE***


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We just received a great update on our darling Savannah.  The report from April, 2020 says the following:

  1. How is her eating? She usually eats soft foods. She needs to feed. She can’t chew the food that is too tough or too hard. She can grab the snacks to eat
  2. How does laryngomalacia affect her? She has congenital laryngeal malacia. Whenever the weather changes or she has a cold, there will be a rale in her throat with asthma and a feeling of phlegm in her throat. Usually there are no symptoms, no obvious impact on her life.
  3. Has she had surgery for her heart? Does she need surgery? She did not have heart surgery. In April 2018, she had a color Doppler ultrasound in people’s hospital. In May 2019, she did an echocardiography in the physical examination of maternal and child health care hospital. The doctor didn’t suggest the operation, but need regular reexamination.



Smiley Savannah was born in March of 2015.  She had a rough start to life and has CHD, laryngomalacia and Down Syndrome however she seems to be thriving.  Her report from April of 2018 says the following:  Savannah can walk alone, can walk around to play, can climb up the stairs, can understand some common language.  She will smile if being praised and will turn her lips and look down if being criticized.  She knows her name, can look up at you when calling her name.  She can speak YiYiYaYa.  She likes playing with younger brothers and sisters or playing alone. When playing alone she will hum a self-made tune.   She likes playing with the plush toy called Briar Bear.  She has difficulty chewing and sometimes tries to just swallow the food.  Bean curd makes her sick.  She was hospitalized for treatment of her diagnoses.  If she gets a cold, she can become asthmatic. Please let us know if you are interested in an update of this sweet girl.

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