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Cutie-pie Johnny was born in July of 2013.  At the time he was found he had a double hernia and that was operated on.  It was later determined he has epilepsy.  An update from April of 2019 is very favorable. Johnny is said to have a lively personality and loves to laugh.  He will greet people when he sees them. He will be a little nervous and shy about talking and doesn’t look into other people’s eyes.  Johnny has learned a lot growing up.  Now he can help his aunt to do more things, such as sweeping the floor, packing tableware, playing with younger brothers and sisters, and recently learned to fold quilts.

Johnny’s language skills have greatly improved and he will take the initiative to express his needs and feelings, such as: I want to sleep, I am full, I want to go to the toilet, etc. There is no problem with his basic communication. He has already memorized the two ancient poems, “Quiet Night Thoughts” and “Yong Ge”.  He can count up to 20, but his speech is somewhat unclear when talking.  He likes playing with building blocks and cars. He takes care of his toys. He  also likes outdoor activities. Playing slides, riding wooden horses, and playing ball are his favorites.

He has a good appetite and is not picky. He likes pork and chicken most. He can take care of himself and the toilet. He can wash, dress, wear shoes, and take a bath himself but needs help with heavy clothes.  Johnny has epilepsy and his seizures occur once about every 2-3 days with the rainy or humid weather.  He has them less when the weather is good.  Each episode lasts about 3 minutes.  He is taking epilepsy medications for control.  The medications are carbamazepine and phenobarbital.  For more information about the dosage of medication and more on the seizures, please contact [email protected].


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