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Serious little Jed was born in March of 2016.  His diagnoses says recovering cerebral palsy however the caretakers said in 2018 that while Jed’s PE conclusion offered by the doctor in the PE form is cerebral palsy, at present according to the care given to him he only has a little delayed development and has no symptoms of cerebral palsy .  An update from November of 2019 said the following:  Jed can speak one or two words such as give, thank you, mom, dad, aunt etc.  He has normal exercise ability.  His fine finger movements and limbs are normal.  He has been in the “Little Sister’s” class for more than a month.  He knows common items and can drink water and eat by himself.  He has not been toilet trained yet and still wears a diaper.  His intelligence is considered lower than children of the same age.  A CT scan was done in 2017 and there was no special finding of the brain.  He sure looks great to me!!  Please let me know if you would like any additional questions asked and if you might be interested in adding him to your family.

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