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Sheena is new with our agency and was born January of 2014.  Her special need is listed as cataracts.  A report from October of 2018 says the following:

Measurements:  Height: 96 cm; Weight: 13 kg; Chest’s circumference: 55 cm; Head’s circumference: 49.2 cm; Teeth number: 20; Feet length: 16 cm. She did not have the surgery for her cataract. She can walk without support. She did not have related examination so we are not sure whether she has vision problems or not. But she can avoid obstacles when she is walking, and when she is trying to go to bed, she can find an available bed then get on the bed. Her cognition development is delayed compared to same age children. For example she needs help to hold the spoon and feed herself. She needs help to get on dress and take off clothes. She can take off her shoes, but she cannot put on her shoes. She cannot control her BMs and urinations. She needs help to go potty. She will not go to find other children and ask them to play with her, but she does not resist other children to play with her. We think she needs to improve her self-confidence.

The nannies did not hear her talking yet but she can make Yi…Yi…Ya…Ya sounds. Sometimes when someone called her name, she would smile and she might come over and hold the nanny’s hand. But most of the time she would not react when someone called her name. She likes the toys that can make sounds, and she likes outdoor activities. She has a gentle nature; she would not argue with others or grab toys from others. She likes to play by herself. We haven’t found out that she is attached to any adult or any good friend. She never had a CT done before. Her delay mainly manifests in her inability to complete the learning or playing the game according to the instructions, most of which have no verbal responses, no physical expressions, and occasionally expresses her needs by crying.

She is lacking a sense of security. She needs more family attention; the teachers reflect that many times she requires one-on-one care. After entering the activity room, if she was by herself, she would sleep on the floor. This is relatively rare if someone accompanied her.

Videos from July 2018

Videos from August 2018

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