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A WIA specific grant may be attached to the adoption of this child. The grant is in the amount of $2,500.  Please talk to Kathy Junk about eligibility requirements.


Updated Information from April 5, 2019.  The update for Erick is very sad and discouraging.  According to our attorney: “ I was shocked by the regress of this sweet and extremely charming little manL. During our visit Erick was calm. He has very beautiful smile. On several occasions I had the chance to see it, couple of times he smiled on his own and several times during interaction – more precisely while he was touching me. He pronounced several syllables and buzzing with his mouth. While he was placed on the floor, he straightly started with stereotype behavior – rocking himself, which is a sign for “sequentially neglected child” – kind of “normal” for this institution. At several occasions he was happy of the contact with me but not always. I just think that this child is not used to the personal attention and so much interaction and touching. I was careful touching him so much, just because I was not sure how he will accept this. Something else that I was perplexed/puzzled with was when I asked if he has orthopedic shoes. The pedagogue told me, “NO, it makes no sense, he does not need such, there is no problem” (please, have in mind that in his medical certificate there is information that orthopedic shoes were prescribed to him by an orthopedist). She thinks that he may need some splints in order to place him in upright position. I observed that he could not step on his feet and quickly got tired to be in this position.

Trying to “play” with him, giving him some toys, Erick reached out his hands, grabbed the toy and straightly put it into his mouth or banged it into his head. This is the way he explores and manipulates with the toys. Sometimes he just stayed and looked at the toy without doing anything, then I put it into his hand and he did the same – gobbled it or bang it into his head. When it occurred to drop it, most of the times he traced it and looked for it.

This poor and handsome little man DESERVES better environment to live in, better medical and rehabilitation care. I know it will be very difficult with his diagnosis and constant need of care but at the same time, I do believe that there is someone out there, who can open his heart for such child IN NEED!!!! A child who was developing even with slow steps at some point, but now, with the lack of right cares, attention and may be no love, he is just regressing. I am sure that with stimuli, medical care, attention and LOVE, Erick will make up for step by step. Of course, he is injured and he will not develop like healthy child at his age but for sure he will show achievements. Like every orphan, Erick needs love and family, who will help him to have much more NORMAL life. With the right special cares and monitoring, loving hands of MOM, Erick will be much more smiling and radiant child. I pray for him, pray for his salvation!!!!”


Updated Video:


Meet Erik born in May of 2015.  Erik is a handsome boy who is diagnosed as being deaf with possible cerebral palsy.  Erik’s story is so very sad.  He lives in one of the worst orphanages in Bulgaria and appears to be digressing since his first videos and visits of social workers in June of 2018.  You will note in the first video from June of 2018 he is trying to interact with the staff members and seems to be copying words although he is said to be deaf.  He seems to enjoy the toys and even moves some in his stroller when called to. Sadly by the report of January of 2019 we read the following:  This time the child did not move actively. He sat at first in a stroller; then he was placed in a baby walker – he started examining immediately the baby walker for a couple of minutes and then sat in it without trying to push with his legs and move around. He kept rocking most of the time and would not make eye contact with me or anyone else in the room. He showed no interest towards toys in the room or to the stuffed toy given to him by me. When placed to sit on the floor he would sit holding his legs with both his hands and would not change his position or crawl. When I tried to tease him with my hand touching his hands, nose or hair, he got agitated, grabbed my fingers and started laughing. He obviously enjoyed this little game.

Our attorney and social worker plan to visit him soon and take more video and photos but they say the longer this little guy stays in that place the worse he will get.  He will literally be left in a bed all day.  Please, won’t you consider being just the right family for Erik to give him a chance at life?!!


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