Asher was born in September 2009.

The children are smart, well-mannered and a little shy children with very unhappy past. 🙁
Until 2013 they were raised in the home of their biological family. Their biological family did not treat them well and they want a new family where they will be loved and cared for.
I am surprised by the fact that these children were not adopted yet. They are so good, smart and well-mannered. In the beginning they were a bit shy but after that they relaxed and felt comfortable. There is a strong relationship between the two brothers but they are “men” and do not like to “show” each other their love in the way the younger kids do. They share a room (with one more boy) and help each other. They both said that their room is always clean and they arrange and clean it regularly. The two boys impressed me with their good behaviour on the meeting. The director told us that both are very smart and friendly and they are always ready to help. They care for each other and are the best children in this Center. She asks us to do our best to find a family for these good children, because they really deserve to have a family :-). The director of the Center told us a sad story from last year. The social services called her and told to the boys that maybe there is a family from America who would adopt them. The children were so happy, they explained on everybody that they would finally have a family. Ezrah had started to learning English and every day was asking the director if she knew something new for the adoptive parents. He has been so happy and one day the social services called and explained that the procedure would not continue :-(. That horrible situation broken their hearts but they did not lose their faith. They still hope to be found a family for them.

These boys are amazing and I really liked them! They are smart, friendly and are good children. They had such a bad past and really need a change, better lives, opportunities and most important – love. They have strong relationship but do not like to show it. They help, support and love each other in their own way. They are clinically healthy children with great potential. They were taken away from their biological family at older age, which brought sadness into their lives and especially to Ezrah’s life as he is the older child and has many memories from his biological family. They understand that their parents will never get them and never be a family that will love and care for them. They are ready to move on and have a new family. They dream of this new family!! I do hope that we will be able to find a family for these boys. I feel that we have to do that and I am sure that their new family will be lucky to have these boys as their sons. These boys will pay back to the family with unconditional and endless love and appreciation for this opportunity.
Ezrah and Asher really want to have a new family. They wait somebody to call to the director and tell that there is a family, who wants to adopt them and give them the love and support that were are missing . They wait with the faith in their hearts that their new family is out there and will soon find them, save them and give them the love and care that they deserve and need!!!

Asher develops well, communicates with others and plays well with his friends at the orphanage and school. He is attached to his brother Ezrah. Asher is doing well in school.

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