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Sweet Marissa was born February of 2010 and lives with a foster family. Melissa was born from a high risk pregnancy and has had many problems because of it.  At this Marissa needs the assistance of a walker or can walk if lead by the hand.  A report from January 2018 says the following:

The foster mother says that the child crawls and stands up alone if she holds a support. Climbs stairs with adult’s help. The child stood at a desk where she leaned and stood for a long time.

Marissa attends first grade – a group for children with special needs. She recognizes the school, and when they approach with the foster parent, she enjoys, makes sounds and says “come on-come on”. The child behaves well in school – she is calm, keeps the discipline, makes tries to participate in the activities. She is willing to work, she shares her belongings.

She pronounces a few words: “mama” – (mom), “kaka” – (older girl), “baba” – (grandmother), “haide” – come on, and etc. Understands and implements simple commands, such as: “come,” “sit,” “give,” “take,” “release,” and “stand up.”

She turns when called by name. Shows curiosity to a new environment. She is not afraid of strangers. She turns her head in the direction of the sound when something happens behind her (the door is noisily opened or someone talks). She laughs aloud when someone teases her.

Marissa is quiet, relaxed, likes to play with the foster parent’s hair and tear paper. When she hears music she tries to dance. She is trying to imitate other children from the foster family or from school. She has a favorite toy – “stuffed bear”, which she carries with her, hugs and kisses him. She shows when she is hungry by moving her lips. She tries to feed herself with a spoon. Eats on a normal diet. Hold a bottle steady. she drinks from a glass. She likes to be caressed for tactile stimulation.  She sleeps calm. She does not go to the toilet alone and does not notify when she needs to go. She cannot dress and undress herself alone.

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Here are links to her videos as of August 2018:

Here is a link to her video as of November 2019:


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