MikiasThe Second Chance program is very busy, sadly because there are a number of families who are failing in a struggle to make their adoption work well. Probably less than 2% of adoptions fall into this situation, but even that 2% is a large number when you consider foster care adoptions as well. About 1/3 of our children in the Second Chance program are from previous foster care adoptions.

If families enroll their child in the program when the child is under age 10, we are more successful in finding, a good placement quickly. Otherwise it can take quite a few months (but not always.)

We also have a very helpful private online support group that each relinquishing family is added to. The parents find this support group to be extremely helpful in the various emotions of guilt, loss and grief that they experience when they have to relinquish a child to a new family.

Every one of these relinquishing parents make this decision out of huge sorrow and love. However the fact is that if the family (parents and siblings) are in pain and crisis, then the child is also. When these hurt children move to a new, more appropriate home, nearly always they improve rapidly and improve for everyone. Many times, if the child has been on medication for emotional problems, in many instances these children can be weaned off these medications with their new medical care providers.

On our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/secondchanceadoptions we have over 31,000 followers so our pool of possible families is great. We get referrals from adoption attorneys, agencies and social workers all over the U.S.

  1. Julie 3 years ago

    I’d like to get more information

    • Author
      wiaa 3 years ago

      If you would like more information please email [email protected] they can answer any of your question.

  2. Alesha Weisbart 1 year ago

    I have made inquiries regarding children, that I would love to learn more about.
    When asked about my religion, it seems as if there were problems when I mentioned that I am Jewish.
    Is this a Christian only organisation?

    • Larry 3 months ago

      Did you ever hear back about your post regarding your faith?

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