Lila - Family Photo

This week we would like to feature the Saunders Family. They write about their adopted daughter: Over eight months after family day and Lila speaks and understands English fluently. Lila is four years old and loves her two older brothers, mommy and daddy. We love her. It is like she has always been a part of the family and couldn’t imagine our family without her. Lila is with the special need known as spastic diplegia, as a result of a cerebral palsy, which impacts her ability to walk. She is so independent and with all the state medical services she receives, the medical professionals in her life are super impressed by the progress so far. We couldn’t be happier!
Lila - Gotcha vs 5 Months Later
Gotcha Day vs. 5 months later

Lila - Fifth Birthday
5th birthday

Lila - More Posing

Lila - With Brothers

Lila - Posing

Lila - Herself


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