Stanley and his twin brother Ivan are 12 years old.

Stanley and Ivan are good, smart and active children. They were smiling all the time and were very welcoming. There is a strong relationship between them. Stanley and Ivan know many words in English. They know the colors. They can count to 20 in English and know many animals. They said that they do not think that the English language is hard. The two boys impressed me with their modesty and their good behavior on the meeting. The staff told me that these boys are one of the best children in this orphanage. They listen and respect adults and their authority, and do not make problems. The two boys do well in school. This school year Stanley and Ivan are in sixth grade and they are doing very well. Last school year they have finished with excellent result (with highest grades!!). They know the table for multiplication and division and read very well. One of the social workers told us that both are very smart and friendly. They are very good in sports. The boys said that they won third place on the last event of relay race. Both of them train tennis and almost every day they play soccer with their friends. They also like to play and run with their friends.

These boys are good, smart and very well-mannered! They are very shy, kind and are not aggressive. They have strong relationship between them. I saw so much pain and hardship in their eyes.  They have had hard life without family love and support. They are fighters though, who do not give up. They go to school regularly, do sports almost every day and do not create problems. I do hope that we will be able to find a family for these boys, because they have great potential. I think that once in family environment they will grow up as amazing persons. They need someone to believe in them and to inspire courage and self-confidence in them.
They are clinically healthy children with great potential. They were abandoned by their biological family at older age, which brought sadness in their lives. They understand that their parents are not coming back and are ready to move on and have a new family. They really want to have a family, who will give them love and care, which these boys deserve!! I think that they are great children, who respect authority and follow rules. They have realistic assessment of themselves and have the potential to become successful personalities! They need just one thing – family, who will encourage and love them! A family, who will teach and guide them in life!!!

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