Penney is 13 years old.

Penney is a smart, talkative and nice child! She was well prepared for our visit and knew the purpose of it, so she started communicating with us immediately without being shy or embarrassed. She wanted us to like her and present her well in front of future adoptive parents and answered all of our questions with smile.

Presently Penney is in 7th grade. She loves school and goes willingly there, she writes her homework with desire. Her favorite subjects are history and geography and her most difficult subjects are mathematics and English language. She is willing to study but she needs more motivation and help. Right now she is delayed at some subjects due to lack of motivation and lack of real learning habits. When we told her that she may be adopted in USA where they speak English, she said that she would study hard, make more efforts and do everything possible to advance in English and learn more. Penney has 3 best friends at school and all of them live in the village where the Center is situated and come from a normal family environment. Penney visits the homes of these friends regularly and has seen how a normal family functions – she said she wants very much to be adopted and live in such a family and not in the Center. Penney loves to spend time with her friends – they talk, laugh, go for walks and play games like “truth or dare” : ). In her spare time Penney loves to spend time with her friends and to read books – her favorite books to read are Encyclopedias – the Center has received a donation consisting of many Encyclopedias and so far she has read two of them. The most favorite thing for Penney is to dance. For about a year now she has been taking dancing lessons and she loves that. There, they dance different kind of dances, including traditional Bulgarian dances. Penney said that she loves dancing because there is a lot of moving when you dance, it is fun and interesting, and also because she learns new things.

Penney has chores in the Center and she loves to help – she cleans and orders her room, she helps cleaning and ordering the everyday room and the yard in the summer, she waters the flowers.
Penney’s dream is to become a teacher one day and to have a family. She said that she would love to have brothers and sisters if possible – she said that if the siblings are older, they would help her, and if they are younger, she would help them.
My opinion is that Penney develops very well for her age. She is open, smart and a positive girl. She is dreaming to be adopted and to live in a family environment! She dreams for love and a stable family environment. She is a smart child but she was neglected for a long time in her biological family. She is now advancing in the Center but a real family environment will give her a chance to develop much better and to follow her dreams. Penney shared that she has already overcome the fact that both her parents and grandparents abandoned them and that now she knows that they would never take her back. That is why she knows that her only chance to have a real family is to be adopted and she wants that very very much. I believe that Penney would be a great addition to any family and will bring love and joy to any family who that adopts her. I believe that the love of the family would make her flourish and follow her dreams and heart, and be a happy person!

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