Gabe – brother of Borick


Gabe was born in April 2005.

Gabe is sociable, but he needs more time to relax among strangers. At times, he presents himself as serious and shy. His development is in the norm for his age.
The two children still keep memories of their lives in a family environment. They realize that adoption is their only chance to have a family. They understand that if a family is found for them, they will be living abroad. Many children from the orphanаge have already been adopted abroad, but still keep in touch with Gabe and Borick. There is a truly warm and loving relationship between the brothers. They are strongly attached to each other and support each other. Both boys are aware with the process of international adoption, but they have some fears about the future and the unknown that it hides. They hope that they will not be left to the mercy of fate, as they have already experienced. According to the children, the most important thing for them and their future family would be to be alive and healthy, to get along with each other, to share with each other, the parents to be good with them, to support them and to take care of them.

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