Mia is the cutest 13-year-old girl.

Mia is a calm, sweet and nice child. Although she is a little shy, she answered all my questions with readiness. Although she was smiling often, in her eyes I could see sorrow and a call for help.
She was placed in the present Center on 12 November 2014. Before that she was placed in Home for Children Deprived of Parental Care as of 22 March 2011. Until 2011 she was raised in her biological family from her grandmother and grandfather because her biological mother and father lived and worked abroad.
Presently, Mia is in 7th grade. School is challenging, but Mia likes to learn new things. She has a resource teacher, who is helping her with the school lessons. Mia’s favorite subject at school is music. While we were there she told us several fairy-tales. The languages are not easy for her, but she likes to read books and stories, and she knows some words in English: fish, apple, cat, etc. Her favorite book is “Baba Yaga” and her favorite story is “The Seven Kids”. For her favorite activities Mia pointed out: listening to music and watching movies. In her free time she likes to play, talk to her friends and kick a ball with friends, run outside and watch TV. The other thing that Mia likes is going on trips and she told us about a 5-day trip that they recently took and the places that they visited – she was very happy on this trip and to see and come to know new places. She likes sports – basketball and soccer for example. Mia also likes painting and the theatre. She told me that she took part in a play and she was in one of the leading roles as a queen. In the Center, the children are taught how to cook Bulgarian food and Mia told us that she loves cooking and she is good at it :-). Her favorite food is French fries, and she dislikes mushrooms.
She has 2 very good friends – 2 girls.
The people that work at the Center describe Mia as a good, quiet and shy child. She gets along with the other kids and is not a problematic child. She helps with setting up and cleaning the table, with washing the dishes and she also helps during cleaning. She is tidy and is always ready to help. Also, she can sew. She takes part in the activities in the Center. Also, it was shared that she is dreaming of a family (adoptive parents) that will take her from the Center.
My opinion is that Mia develops well for her age. I see a lot of potential in her! She is a lovely child, who dreams of having parents. In her, I saw a child that was abandoned, left to the mercy of fate, without people who love her or whom to love, with no understanding why she was left. She is a smart child but she was neglected for a long time. She is calm and not aggressive, she is well-mannered and responsive. She has a good heart and is ready to help the others when she can. She is also a lonely child, she has 2 good friends but it is obvious that this is not enough for her and that she longs for a family. We asked Mia whether she wants to be adopted abroad and she said: Yes, very much, and I am looking forward to meet my new parents!! I believe she is one of those people who just need a little faith and support, a little bit of confidence and love, and she will flourish into a lovely flower – a person with a good future, a happy person!! She is just a child still waiting for her parents!

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