Junior ***UPDATED***


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Please read and view the updated report, new photos and video for wonderful Junior:

  1. How his heart is doing?
    He had a heart surgery last year, and needs another surgery in the future.
  2. Is his heart condition very serious? Yes
  3. Does he have blue lips, fingernails and toenails when he exercises?  Yes.
  4. How soon will he need another surgery?
    The surgery was performed in April 2019 and another surgery is scheduled again but they don’t know the date for now.
  5. Is his heart condition life threatening?
    His heart condition is not life-threatening.  Last year’s surgery has improved his lack of oxygen.
  6. How does he compare to his peers?
    His physical development is delayed but he has good communication skills.
  7. What is he good at?
    He likes singing, dancing and computers.
  8. Does he attend school and if so what grade?
    No, he does not attend school yet.

Video: 9-2020


Meet joyous Junior.  He was born December of 2012. Junior’s special need is listed as  post-operative for congenital heart disease.  Junior could really use an update to his file as what is available now is outdated by four years.  The following from July 2016 in his medical report.  Junior lives in the “loving home” family of the welfare institute.  He is being given excellent care by the dad and mom in the family.  Junior is said to be cute, active and restless.  He enjoys speaking and is full of curiosity about the world.  He has strong study ability and he is a smart child. He likes playing with toy guns and cars.  He likes music and can move his body to the rhythm.  He can defecate and urinate by himself.  He can walk and trot. He is polite and can make a greeting as well as say goodbye.  He will say hi to the Aunt when meeting her in the neighborhood.  He can use his fingers to count 1-10.  He eats well.  This great kid really needs an update to see how far he has come since this report.  Please let us know if you would be interested in learning more.

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