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We are happy to receive this October 2019 update on Jaxon.  Be sure to see his updated photos and videos!

  1. Does he still have the shunt from hydrocephalus surgery – No
  2. How does the hydrocephalus affect him. No hydrocephalus was found, the cerebral corpus callosum was poorly developed, and the left flank softening foci was poorly developed.
  3. How does he compare to his peers. He is delayed.
  4. What areas is he delayed? He is delayed in large motor ability, language ability and intellectual cognitive ability. He can walk alone but not stable, cannot speak yet, and has low intellectual appreciated ability.
  5. The medical in some places says he might have other brain issues – does the staff know anything about this? Head magnetic resonance imaging showed: subdural hematoma in the left frontal occipital lobe, arachnoid cyst in the left axillary fossa
  6. Is he potty trained? No.






Jaxon was born in July of 2015. Sadly he has not had an update since 2016 but we are working on that now.  Since he was only one year old we don’t know how helpful it is to read his report but we will include it.  Jaxon’s diagnoses is unclear. We do know he had surgery for hydrocephalus a few months after he was born.

Jaxon likes to play in his stroller and kick it with his feet.  He likes being teased and can look for the source of the sound when someone calls his name.  At this time he cannot sit and does not speak yet. As for motor skills he can raise his head to the prone position.  Can turn over and can grasp things.  He can laugh loudly and makes sounds to people and objects.  He intelligence is delayed.  He is very cute and we all like him.  We believe he will bring joy and happiness to his family.

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