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Our attorney recently met with Irwin and said he is a very nice, polite, good, intelligent, smiling, positive, interesting and smart boy. He does well at school and he lives in a foster home and does well there.  Irwin was born in August of 2005.  He had a very sad background where he was abused by his father and his mother committed suicide.  He was given back to his father a second time after being taken from the home and abused again.  When our attorney asked him if he was ok to talk about his past and how he feels about it, he shared that he does not have problems to talk about that anymore. He said that he is looking at life positively and with a smile, although and despite everything that happened to him. He shared that he does not want go back to his biological father because of the bad experience that he had with him.

Irwin will be  in 9th grade this fall. His school is specialized and his profile is Construction and Architecture. He started school one year earlier and presently is the youngest in his class (he is one year younger than the rest of the children). His favorite subjects at school are Information technologies and English. He knows many things in English, he can count, knows the colors and was able to present himself in English. He even answered a question that I asked him in English about his favorite subject. As most difficult subject he pointed out Mathematics. Irwin started to achieve much more at school and definitely has better results this school year. When he came to the home of the foster family, he was very much neglected, and academically behind also but as he is a smart boy, he progressed fast with a lot of work, help and efforts of the foster mother. He increased his marks, and presently they are good. For sure, he is able to achieve much more by his and the social worker’s words. But as he said it “I don’t want to be “aurochs” in the class and the others to tease me for this. I don’t want to do their homeworker, because they say “you know more, write our homework”. I assume that the environment is very crucial and he wants to maintain average level in it. He reads books but this is not his favorite thing to do. He usually reads a book and finishes it only if it is interesting for him. I could say that he reads much more than the rest of the boys at his age. This year, for example, he read a 300 page autobiography book of one of the BG famous soccer players. His favorite and most interesting book is “The Jungle Book”.

Our attorney concludes that Irwin has a very positive and funny spirit and has a great sense of humor (even self-irony). Irwin is a good boy, who listens to and obeys the adults and respects their authority.  I hope he will have the chance to grown up in safe, loving and nice family. A family who will help him to really go through all his severe trauma and bad experiences that he had! He deserves it so badly! I see a lot of potential in Irwin  and nothing in his development until this moment makes me doubt that. I am sure Irwin will develop perfectly in a loving and caring family environment.


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