David and Gabriella


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Gabriella and David are attached to each other and have always lived together. Our attorney says the following after her visit with them. “They love each other but sometimes argue or have some “fights”, typical for all sibling groups. These two good and beautiful children shared with us that their biggest dream is to have their forever “mom and dad”. They dream of it and the only idea that they have for real family until this moment in their life is the foster family, where they presently live, which is not actually their family. They take care for them well but at the same time the children know that this is not permanent measure and expect and hope to find their family! I think that these children really need their own family, a family where they can continue to live and grown up together. I know that they have to make up for many things, especially David, socially, and both of them academically. I believe that with adequate parental care, requirements, firm rules and encouragement, they can achieve much more in their skills and knowledge. I see potential for better development and achievements in both of them. They seem smart but unfortunately with very bad start in their life. With the right intervention, as they have already advanced since the two of them are placed in familial environment now – in foster families – they learnt Bulgarian, mastered so many social skills and knowledge that they have missed. I hope that a family will show up for them. I think that these children have good potential, which needs to be encouraged in order to be developed. David will need more work in mastering of self-confidence, more social interactions and both of them need more academic skills. The two of them firmly said that they want to be adopted together and live together in their own family and they are looking forward for it!!! Gabriella and David seem to be good children who deserve a chance for love, attention and security that only a real family can give them! For sure they will pay back to their parents with their love and their big and warm hearts!!!!

Video: https://youtu.be/4PWAzLiD6WY

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