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Meet C and B

C* and B* are biological sisters who will be placed together for a secondary adoption.  C is 11 and B is 9 (turning 10 at the end of Sept 2019). We are looking for a slow-paced structured family with very few (if any) other children (over age 13 only).  A stay-at-home parent would be a great plus for the girls.  You must have either a current homestudy or one that can be quickly updated.  Please write to us for the girls’ “full profile” if you’d like to be considered for their adoption.  Write to [email protected] .

C: When we asked the adoptive family to tell us about C, age 11, they said, “She is a beautiful, loveable sweet soul”.  She cares deeply about others, she’s kind and she’s everyone’s friend at heart.  She enjoys loving on kittens, drawing, creating art, and painting her finger and toenails.  She’s not much on sporty activities or being active, but she does occasionally jump or flip on the trampoline, or race her sister in the yard.  She doesn’t participate in sporting groups, but kicking around the soccer ball with her will make her day.  C likes to listen to music and express herself through little choker necklaces.  She likes bright colors and all things turquoise.  She gets plenty of notebooks, cool pens and decorative pencils to keep her busy with artwork.  She loves art class and spends a lot of time drawing and coloring at home.  She loves cats.  She likes to play soccer and loves to kick a ball around one-on-one with someone. She also enjoys playing board games, watching tv and movies, and has started playing some video games too.

B: B, age 9, is such a loving child, even though she is mostly quiet and reserved, she loves to be loved and to give love. It has really saddened us that she (or we) are unable to love in the greatest way that she desires, and we really want that for her. She loves hugs, kisses, affection and praise. It makes her glow. She is liked by most people, but it takes her a while to warm up since she is so bashful around others. B talks highly of her peers, when asked, and loves to talk about her teachers. B’s favorites are: kittens, soft blankets, being your helper, watching cartoons or movies, and has recently started learning to play video games. She also enjoys jumping on the trampoline for short periods of time, writing notes to her friends, being the leader in class, playing board games, and getting dressed up for Halloween.

When we asked about her positive traits, her adopted mom said she shines and exhibits such love. She is kind and caring. She is calm and will listen, even if she doesn’t understand all of the content being spoken. B will read when asked without hesitance and goes to school without a fight. Her interests and activities are limited, but B’s biggest “stand out” trait is how much of a “lover” she is.   She showers on her own, brushes teeth and dress self, although she usually picks the same outfits and gets confused with too many options.  (Adopted mom usually picks out clothes for her if it’s a particular outing like a birthday party).

C is going into the 6th grade this fall.  B is going into 3rd grade.

This is a private adoption, so a state or foster home study might not work. A state authorized private domestic or international home study is generally required. You will need to have a current, or easily-updated home study for this adoption.  Due to state laws, we are not able to place these children in CT, MA, NY or DE.   If you live in OR, you may need to travel to the child’s state for finalization of this adoption.  If you have never had a home study before, we cannot help you adopt these children.  But, we would love to share with you the process of starting a home study so you could be approved for a child in the near future.  Please write to us and ask us how to get started!

Adoption is a legal process so there will be costs associated. This adoption may qualify for the IRS Adoption Tax Credits.

Contact us at [email protected]

*To protect the privacy of our waiting children and their families, Second Chance does not share real names for our waiting children on the Internet.  It is our policy to only share a snippet of a waiting child’s details as well as the type of adoptive family we are looking for.  If you fit the POSTED REQUIREMENTS, are home study ready (or can be soon!), and interested in adding this child to your family, please write to us for an honest, in-depth profile on the child including medical, educational, and behavioral information and learn the full story of why this child needs a secondary adoption.  Our program social worker and program director have worked together with the child’s family to carefully set the requirements for the new family.  These requirements are not negotiable, so please honor the needs of this child by not asking us to bend them for you.


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