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gracie1Three years ago, Mark and I decided we really wanted to have a child of our own. We both agreed that if it was meant to be God will guide us down the right path to get our child. Unfortunately, we could not have a child naturally, so we looked towards adoption. That is where we found Wasatch International.
The path to get our Grace was not an easy one. We met many different obstacles down the road, however these turned out to be lessons of patience as well as we feel God protecting us and Grace from the horrible SARS illness. This was a very difficult time for us. Both Kathy Kaiser, Carolyn Johnson and Xiumin Overall were exceedingly patient with us despite how upset we were. They were there to console us and helped us get our baby. I cannot thank them enough for putting up with us!!
Now, we have our lovely Gracie. She is our little hero. It is absolutely amazing what this child has over come to fit in with our family. She was fearful of EVERYTHING, and now she is just a little house-a-fire! She is so brave and so strong. From the very beginning she just knew we were her mommy and daddy and showered her love on us! Even when we are sick, or feeling blue, Gracie will come up to us and lay her head on our leg and give us kisses! They could not have possibly picked a better child for us!!

Thank you so much!!!

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