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TJ1Hi, this is David Roat. Was just sitting here tonight dreaming of my little one soon to come home and thought what the heck, I’ll surf around a little bit before turning in. With nothing else on my mind lately, I decided to search for “Bulgaria Adoptions” and just see if I could learn anything new since starting our process last Oct. In looking around and comparing this to that I soon found myself on the Wasatch site and have read the entire site. I can not tell you how fortunate we feel to have the staff at Wasatch working with us. I couldn’t imagine this adoption with any other agency. As with all journeys in life you meet people along the way and tend to trade stories about the particulars involving ones journey, I have heard how some feel left out, uninvolved, misinformed or uninformed altogether, Brenda and I can honestly say that we have never felt anything but complete openess, honesty and compassion from the entire staff at Wasatch. Nothing in our lives together has felt more right than the love we share for our son and as we prepare to make our dream a reality I would like to take this oppurtunity now to say thank you, from the bottom of our joy filled hearts, thank you so much for helping make our dream come true. We will forever be grateful.
God bless,

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