Recently, 26 adoption agencies signed a letter to the US State Department asking them to withdraw new regulations on intercountry adoption. Please join the 1000 people who signed the petition in the last 24 hours at

Adoption is so near to our hearts because we have been touched by the joy it brings. Nightlight has been involved in domestic, newborn adoption for almost 60 years. But we have also been involved in intercountry adoption and have helped over 1500 children find their forever families. Children who, without families with hearts as big as yours, would have grown up in an orphanage and been subject to risks we don’t even like to think about. Now those children in orphanages are subject to another risk – losing hope of a family. Did you know that intercountry adoptions have declined by more than 75% since 2004? Our own State Department has been complicit in this decline and now have proposed new rules which would further limit the chance of children to have a family.

Concerned agencies and adoption professionals who have a passion for protecting these vulnerable children have banded together to fight this attack on intercountry adoption. The State Department gave no reasons why the new rules were needed, but merely tried to justify that they had the authority to do it. And frankly, who knows when that attack will expand to threaten domestic and embryo adoption. I am not a conspiracy nut, but we need to wake up.

Please go to and sign the Petition to have the State Department withdraw these proposed rules and identify the problems they are trying to solve. We need to get over 100,000 signatures on our Petition to get the government’s attention. You can take us from being an annoyance to the bureaucracy to a force they have to deal with. Sign the petition and get your friends to do the same.


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