intercountry adoption

Adoption is a great way for children that are orphans or born into unfortunate circumstance to have a home that is permanently and where love can be found.

An international adoption or an intercountry adoption is a kind of adoption where a single person or a couple become the parents, legally and permanently, of a child from a different country. Through intercountry adoption you obtain legal rights as a parent to this child and the child comes to live with you permanently. The child becomes yours to love and take care of.

Intercountry adoption can be rather difficult. It is hard knowing, understanding the laws that govern your own country and then it is necessary to navigate adoption laws in the country where the child is coming from. It takes a lot of commitment and determination to stick through the entire adoption process, but we can guarantee that it will be well worth it.

There are similarities between domestic adoption and intercountry adoptions. Both types of adoption consist of a legal transfer of parental rights. The responsibility of the child’s birth parents to new parents has to be changed by law, regardless if it is domestic or intercountry.

The ways that they differ vary depending on the countries that are hosting the two sides of the adoption. But generally, for an adoption to qualify for merely immigration purposes in the United States, the child being adopted must have the same status and relationship to the newly adoptive parents as the child by birth.

To begin the intercountry adoption service, you should follow these steps:

  • Select your adoption service provider
  • Gain approval to adopt
  • Get matched with a child
  • Obtain legal custody of the child in the foreign country
  • Apply for a visa for the child to move to the United States
  • Travel to your home with your child

Each step is easier stated than done, but there are many professionals to walk you through each step of the way, answering any questions or helping you cope with any stress that stands in the way.


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