Wasatch Adoptions is offering the wonderful opportunity for volunteers (16+) to visit an orphanage in China to meet and interact with children with special needs.
As a volunteer you will have the very unique opportunity to travel to Bejing, China with Wasatch staff and then travel on to an orphanage in central China. Hotel and travel while in Beijing will be planned for you. We have included the option of sight-seeing activities for the last few days of the trip.
We will know ahead of time the age, gender and special needs of the children we will be visiting. The goal as a volunteer is for you to learn as much as you can about specific children including taking notes, video and photos and then helping to advocate for these children’s adoption when you return home.

Rough Itinerary:
Day 1 & Day 2 – September 10 – 11 Depart Salt Lake City – land in Beijing Sunday afternoon/relax
Day 3 – September 12 – Travel to orphanage/meet children
Day 4 – September 13 – Orphanage activities
Day 5 –September 14 – Orphanage activities
Day 6 –September 15 – Depart orphanage to Beijing
Day 7 –September 16 – Sightseeing or Depart to U.S.
Day 8 –September 17 – Sightseeing or Depart to U.S.
Day 9 – September 18 – Staff Depart Beijing to U.S.
Two adults – Purchase own airfare – approximately $125 per night in Beijing, $90 per night in orphanage province. Families in charge of their own food.


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