Port-Au-Prince, Haiti as seen from the mountains overlooking the city.

Wasatch Adoption (WIA) is accepting new families in our Haiti program.

Although the process can seem daunting and slow moving Wasatch is seeing great success with our Haiti adoption program. We have had MANY families recently receive referrals from the Haitian Central authority (IBESR) and many families have traveled to pick up their children.

Wasatch has much experience working in Haiti, we have worked in this country for many years and are great at holding our clients hands through the process. We have handled some very challenging cases, including family adoptions. Wasatch also supports other humanitarian efforts in Haiti (see haitianroots.com) to help build and strengthen this beautiful country, we have a deep love for the country of Haiti and the amazing people there.

Please see below for a basic overview of the Haiti adoption process.

An overview of the Haiti process

WIA’s Haiti Program Manager Chareyl Moyes on a recent trip to Haiti. *Children shown in this photo are not available for adoption*

Haiti adoptions under the new laws and policies generally take about 12 – 14 months from official referral/match of a child to homecoming. Families should be prepared to experience a wait of two years or longer for the referral/match of a child, particularly if they request to adopt a child with minor to no special needs under the age of three years old.  After the Haitian government issues the referral of a child, the adoptive family will travel to Haiti for 15 days for the mandatory bonding and socialization trip, during this trip the family will be interviewed by an IBESR social worker and verbally approve the referral/match of their child/children. Additional visits to Haiti are permitted once a family is approved through IBESR, but must schedule those visits through Wasatch. The six-day re-acquaintance period required before the child may go home to their family may be waived if the family has visited the child during the adoption process (in addition to the mandatory 15 days).

Referrals (selection of a child for a family) are made in Haiti by the Central Authority (IBESR). Families can be referred a child who is legally free for adoption residing in any orphanage in Haiti that has been licensed to perform adoptions. Referral information comes from IBESR, it generally includes photographs with medical and social history. The referral information is given to Wasatch, who delivers the information to the adoptive families, adoptive families will review the information and accept the referral (in writing), they will then travel to Haiti to meet the child (this trip is planned with your Wasatch case manager), it is a very important time for the adoptive families to meet and spend time with their child, it is also required by the Haitian government (both adoptive parents must travel for 15 days).

Children available for adoption from Haiti are aged one year through fifteen years (at the time of referral), these children are in need of permanent, loving families. The most typical ages of children available for adoption are toddlers between 3- 6 years of age.  Most of the children being adopted from Haiti have no permanent health or developmental concerns, but families are VERY needed for children with special needs as well. Children with special needs include sibling pairs and groups, single children ages six and older, or children with medical needs.  IBESR determines the eligibility of adoptable children. Children are typically tested for HIV and Hepatitis.

Once you decide to adopt from Haiti, Wasatch will be there to help you through every step of the process, through the home study and dossier paperwork, through visits to Haiti and the legal process to complete the adoption in Haiti and to file the appropriate paperwork and approvals with the US government.

For more information about our Haiti program please contact [email protected]



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