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Tony ***UPDATED***


A WIA specific grant may be attached to the adoption of this child. The grant is in the amount of $2,500.  Please talk to Kathy Junk about eligibility requirements.


Update from April 5, 2019 for Tony from Bulgaria


Update from April 5, 2019 for Tony.  Our attorney recently met Tony in person and said the following:

During our visit I was surprised by this bubbling child, who has so rich vocabulary (not typical for children from institutions and especially so young). Tony was not shy or uneasy during our visit, he accepted us very well and was very engaged. He established full value dialog with us, interacted so well and was looking for our attention. He answered all our questions in appropriate and well-mannered way. Tony understands everything said to him and gives adequate answers, he is following instructions, which is a good sign for him, meaning that if he has the chance to be part of a family with more favorable environment, he really could achieve a lot.

This curious, charming, chatty and handsome little boy really needs better environment to live in, where for sure he will achieve much more and develop his full potential. Tony is a child with really great potential and very smart. I know that he will need constant cares because of his medical state but he is such a pleasure to be withJ. I hope and I pray that his forever family finds him soon!!! Please, show up quickly, he IS waitING for you!!!! Tony is amazing child, “thirsty” for a loving family, who will pay him attention, who will love and care for him. I am more than positive that he will achieve so much in his development and for sure he will show his great potential. This little man needs special cares and monitoring but he will pay back to his family with all the love and sweetness he has inside him!!!!

Tony is very short in height. The psychologist said that this is something genetically but they have never seen his parents. Something else that she shared with us, which is typical and may be this is true for him with full force, usually the children from institutions have emotional hunger and they do not grow. Never mind his good appetite, Tony does not put on weight much, because how the psychologist noted, emotional hunger is replaced with the food but although this, they remain shorter.




This is cute, little Tony.  He seems to have a lot of personality.  Tony was born in July of 2013.  Tony was born with anal atresia which was operated on and a double barreled sigmoid ostomy was performed. He does have a stoma. He also has had some problems with his kidneys, hearing and motor development but despite all of this he seems to be coming along quite well.  He started walking when he was 3 years old and said his first words at 2 ½ years which makes me wonder if the hearing diagnoses is correct.  His report says the following:

Tony Walks with confidence. Goes up and down stairs by holding the handrails, takes alternate stipes and can kick and throw the ball.  His motor skills are still developing but his fine motor skills are good.  He is very dexterous. He strings together various elements of mobile axis. Squeezes play dough and creates figures. Holds pencil in fist, scratches with big desire but still goes out of the outlines of the sheet of paper. Colors a big figure. Ties up small hair bands. Very creative – from willow’s branch makes glasses, bracelets and rings.  He expresses his emotions through words and actions. He has good adaptation in child’s group. He alone initiates contact with adults and children. Plays together will all the children from the group. In the games reflects the world around. Imitates actions of the adult. Plays the game make-believe. Does not show aggression. He seeks for contact with adult, enjoys teases. He wants the entire attention to be directed to him. Sometimes implements non-specific movements.

There is a lot more to Tony’s medical and we hope there is a family that wants to learn more about this precious boy.

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