Lina was born in November 2008 and has hearing loss.

Lina goes to a school for deaf children. Lina came quickly to us and invited us into the building. She immediately started trying to communicate with us. She wanted to show us the building and definitely wanted to interact with us. Lina is very open for contact and accepted us as “old friends”. The communication with her was very difficult because she refuses to wear her hearing aids. Unfortunately, we do not know the sign language and we just used simple social gestures. At some point Lina used both sign language and social gestures.
Lina is placed in a Center with children with severe special needs and all of the children there are really with very heavy special needs. Thus, there are no children that she could play with or communicate with. Lina is a very active child and she likes adults’ attention. The social worker of the orphanage shared with us that Lina is one of her favorite children in the Center. Lina and the social worker have a special bond. She likes to help the staff and they rely on her to help with simple chores. The social worker also shared with us that she fully trusts Lina that she will bring/carry something without braking it. The lady said that her cabinet is open and Lina will go inside and do or take what she is told, without touching something else. She knows everything in the cabinet : ))
Lina likes the adults’ attention and frequently made us sit next to her. She wanted to communicate with us and for us to play together. The social worker said that usually they receive good report for Lina from her Special school. She said that Lina is a very loving and nice child. I have information that in this Special school for hearing impaired and deaf children, they encourage the children not to wear their hearing aids in order to master sign language. I have also heard that the cares in this school and its boarding house are not good at all. The children usually go back to their homes or orphanages with torn clothes, dirty or with lice, which the social worker also confirmed. She said she is mad at the school as they often give back Lina with torn or dirty clothes, many of her belongings missing, and even with bruises sometimes. The staff usually picks up Lina for her vacations and on every 3rd weekend. That is why the staff in the Center works now on transferring her into a school in the town, where she lives. They believe that she will be better away from that deaf school. There is a Special school in the town, not specialized for hearing impaired children, but there is a Special teacher for children with hearing impairment.
Lina is a very active and “social” child. She likes to be hugged and kissed, we had the chance to see intimacy between her and the social worker. Lina is very sweet and sociable child. She deserves love and attention! I am sure that if she has the chance to grown up in a loving family that provides her all needed resources, she will develop herself and will achieve more. She is very well-behaved and helpful child, and as every child she loves to get attention, to be hugged and cuddled. Let us hope that she will get a family that will love, hug her and take care of her needs.

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