Gwendolyn and Marius


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Gwendolyn and Marius are said to be very nice, good children. They are well behaved, very attached to each other and both want to be adopted very much.  Marius was born in February of 2004 and Gwendolyn in December of 2005.  During a recent visit to the children from August of 2019, our attorney said the following.  Both Marius and Gwendolyn were very neat and nicely dressed.

Marius – just began 9th grade.  He studies in Professional high school with specialty waiter/bar-tender. At school Marius is provided with resource support. He remembers that he started school from 5th grade. He said until 5th grade, he was not enrolled in school and did not go. We cannot imagine how it is to be placed directly in 5th grade without having the knowledges from the first 4 grades, without being able to all to read or write or do math tasks. Marius regularly attends classes and has no absences. When I asked him if he has favorite subject, first his answer was “No” but later said that he likes Physical education and Art. He said that his most difficult subjects are Mathematics and English. Marius has some academic delays but having in mind how late he has started school, this is absolutely normal. Also another factor for this delay is his late start of learning Bulgarian.  He previously only spoke Gypsy. Marius shared that he does not read smoothly in English or Bulgarian, and that reading is not his favorite thing to do.

Marius has many friends, both at school and in the community. He gets along very well with all the children in the Center. In his spare time Marius likes to go to the gym, play soccer, run, listen to music and watch TV. His favorite movie is “Avatar”. When he grows up, Marius would like to be auto-mechanic with his own car-service. He shared that he dreams to visit London. He said that he likes all things and photos that he has seen for London.

The director of the Center said that usually Marius and Gwendolyn do not cause problems. Marius is not conflict person and does not participate in conflicts or fights. He is very good child. Marius said that he likes animals, and especially dogs. He said that he would love to have a dog. When I asked if he is afraid of something, he first said “No” but later he said that he is afraid of earthquakes.

He has good relationship and is attached to his sister, Gwendolyn. Sometimes, of course, like all siblings, they argue with each other, but this is something normal. He helps her when she needs help. It was interesting to see how they communicate – they were calm and nice to each other and we believe that they really have a very nice brother-sister relationship. Marius is a very good, nice, polite and very well-behaved boy. He is social, smiling and very kind child.

Gwendolyn – just began eighth grade this year. She will be enrolled at the same school that her brother goes to. She will have the specialty catering/cooking. At school she also is provided with resource support. Gwendolyn also never attended school until 4th grade. This explains the gaps that she has in the school material. Gwendolyn regularly attends classes and has no absences. When I asked her if she has favorite subject, first her answer was “No” but later she said Arts. She also like her brother said that her most difficult subjects are Mathematics and English. Gwendolyn seems much more academically delayed than her brother. I felt that she was very nervous to make a mistake in front of us and preferred not to answer simple mathematical questions rather than to make a mistake. Gwendolyn also does not like to read. She also does not know the clock but orientates in the days of the week, months and seasons. She has many friends, both at school and in the community. She shared that she has best friend – a girl from the same center and Gwendolyn likes to share everything with her. She also gets along very well with all the children in the Center.

In her spare time, Gwendolyn likes to talk with her friends, go for walks, listen to music (but she does not like to sing or dance) and watch TV. She likes to watch show programs. When she grows up, Gwendolyn would like to be manicurist. On the question if she dreams for something, Gwendolyn was very confused and was not sure what is expect of her to tell us. Later, after our encouragement, she said that she dreams for a family! I believe that Gwendolyn is very unconfident, shy and has low self-esteem. During most of the visit she preferred her brother to answer instead of her. Otherwise she is a very nice, beautiful and good girl.  She is very calm and friendly!


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