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A WIA specific grant may be attached to the adoption of this child. The grant is in the amount of $2,500.  Please talk to Kathy Junk about eligibility requirements.

Darling Georgia was born in June of 2016.  Her special need is cardiomyopathy which according to the orphanage staff is actually a disease of the muscle and not of the heart itself.  While she has some features of a “small person” genetic testing does not confirm this.  This little girl was born very, very early but is a fighter.  She also had a brain hemorrhage although a recent scan showed no evidence of the hemorrhage and her brain looks great!  Our attorney recently met Georgia and said the following:

Georgia is developing very, very well.  She is very sociable and emotional with both children and adults. She understands everything they say to her, helps them with ordering the toys (you can see that on the video : ). She follows orders – give me, here you are, bring this there, put the toy in the basket, etc. She has also started saying some words like her name, “come on”, “bravo”. She knows her name and turns when called by name. She loves to cuddle and receive and give hugs and kisses!! She is very attached to the several ladies who take care of her – her direct caretakers, and you can see that from the way she communicates with them. She knows all the staff.

She loves to eat : )) She is not picky. She eats pureed food from a spoon, she has a very good appetite! She sleeps for a nap in the afternoon and throughout the whole night – her sleep is calm and she has no problems with the sleep.    She loves music and all musical toys!! She also loves water and to take bath. She has no fear from the bath. The staff shared that she has no fears that they know of.

Georgia started to sit and then, stand up in her crib in the first possible moment, and then, as soon as she has started walking, she has not stopped : ))) She is very curious and exploring everything.  Presently, she is working with the psychologist of the home several times per week for her psychomotor skills.!!  She is fascinated by all electronic. She was “chasing” the person with the camera all over the room : ) and was very happy and trying to “work” with the cell phone, when she was given one. Georgia is a very positive child, she was smiling and not crying when something was denied to her or taken away from her.   She definitely recognizes strangers from known people, and is attached to her immediate caretakers, to whom she readily gives hugs and kisses.

Her videos could be seen on the following links:





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