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A WIA specific grant may be attached to the adoption of this child. The grant is in the amount of $2,500. Please talk to Kathy Junk about eligibility requirements.

George was born in June 2003 and is deaf. He wears a hearing aid and develops really well overall.

when George came into the room he was wearing his big smile. The communication between me and him was definitely much better and better comparing to my last visit to him about 2 years ago. He was reading lips or I was writing my questions and he wrote back his answers. He has answered almost all of my questions. Actually, George remembered me from the last time. And he was disappointed that it was snowing today as that was preventing him from going outside to play soccer in order to show me how good he was.
George keeps being dynamic and active child. He still prefers activities related with movement – soccer, volleyball and outdoor activities.
In school George shows good results. He is able to make very good retellings of read stories. He is literate, reads and writes well. I
Since last September (2017) he has new hearing aids, which are special. They are made especially for him on his individual ear cast/modeling. The staff is working with him to encourage him to wear his aids. But when he goes to school (a special school for hearing disabled children), there, the staff makes them not wear their hearing aids. As to the words of the manager/social worker of the Center, these hearing aid actually does not help him hear. George is able to read lips when he is talked to slowly and simple. In the center, the staff is making him talk with simple words – yes, no, not only to nod for approval. George is clinically healthy child, who is preserved intellectually and has no other diseases. He rarely gets sick. Even during the last flu epidemic, he stayed healthy.

George read for me while signing. When I asked him if he understood what he read, his answer was “yes”! He also counted for me and showed me the signs for the letters (this could be seen in his video). On my other question he was very emotional and his answer was more than positive, attended with his big smile and hopes. I saw this in his eyes. My question was if he wants to have a family! The social worker told me that recently a single man wanted to adopt him but after that the procedure did not start. They do not know the reason why this single man could not go on with the procedure, but George was very disappointed. She told me that during the time they were thinking that the single man will adopt George, George was asking every day if this single man called, and he was asking the staff: “was I good enough, did I listen, I will be adopted, right?”. Right now, with my visit I gave him another hope, a hope that he still has the chance to be adopted. George is one of the children about whom I really think: “Why, why is he still not adopted”. He is very smiling, positive, a good and nice boy. I am more than positive that if adoptive family show up for him, he will be the best child in the world, he will do everything to be good and chosen. I will pray and advocate for this child until the day he finds his forever family! He really dreams for a family and already waited so long time! I am sure that he has a lot of potential for development. He is so smart and intellectually preserved. He does not stop believing and waiting for his family and I am sure that he will pay back with a lot of love, good achievement and nice behaviour to his family!!!

We represented him in the beginning of 2016. After that we heard that a family for him was found but something happened to that family and they were unable to finish his adoption. The boy is devastated and we all hope that a new family for him can be found as soon as possible. I very much hope that a family for him would be found as he is a great child!!

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Grant funding available to qualifying families up to $2500

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