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Meet Emily!

*Emily just turned 11 and was adopted 3 years ago from US foster care.

Emily loves to stay busy.  She likes to listen to music, and interact with friends.  She makes friends easily and always has friends at school.  She enjoys crafts that have instructions and will follow them closely to make jewelry and other interesting things.  She is a strong swimmer and loves to swim.  She is also a great reader and enjoys reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Junie B. Jones books.  She comprehends well what she reads.  She is inquisitive and curious, but can be shy until she gets comfortable with you.  She is a great athlete and especially loves soccer.  She really enjoys helping with little kids and babies.  Her family reports that “she is fantastic with little kids”.  She is also great with pets and loves to care for them.  She loves to be outside—she’ll pick outside over inside any day!

She gets very good grades, mostly A’s with a few B’s sprinkled in.  We will send you her report card if you’d like to see it, just let us know.  She just started 5th grade.

Emily is a great eater and likes to try new foods.

We have more information available about Emily including her school records, and psychological testing. Please email us back if you would like to see copies of these additional records and learn more about her. Email [email protected]

We are looking for a new adoptive family for Emily who has no other children between the ages of 9-13.

This is a private adoption, so a state or foster home study might not work. A state authorized private domestic or international home study is generally required. Due to state laws, we are not able to place this child in CT, MA, MO, NY or DE.   If you live in FL please let us know right away as there may be additional costs due to legal issues.

Adoption is a legal process there will be costs associated. This adoption qualifies for the IRS Adoption Tax Credit.

Contact us at [email protected]

*not this child’s real name:  we never use the child’s real name online to help protect his/her privacy


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