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*Carter is turning 8 years old in January 2020 and was adopted internationally when he was 5 years old.  He is not attached to his first adoptive family and his behavior has caused such upheaval that they reached out to Second Chance to find a better fitting home for Carter.  We are working with his family to find a new adoptive home with either a single dad (with a good support system) or traditional two parent home.  They are willing to consider Evangelical Christians and Catholic families with no other children under age 11 in the home and a current (or easily updated) homestudy.  If you fit these requirements, please read through the rest of this profile and then write us at [email protected] for the rest of his information.  We have school and medical records to share with you.  Please write to us.

Carter is an active boy who likes sports like soccer and football, climbing trees, going on adventures, swimming (he can swim well and passed the ‘water safety’ test for their local pool) and climbing trees.  He prefers to play with others rather than alone.  His family says he is an outgoing extrovert, and not shy at all.  He enjoys putting Legos together and does well with following instructions.  Once he gets a set put together, he does NOT take it apart!  He has a keen mechanical mind for art projects and building things.  He enjoys both inside and outside play.  He struggles a bit with imagination, so he is drawn more toward recreating things he sees than using his own imagination.  Carter likes to have a tidy space—he puts things away where they belong and doesn’t leave a mess anywhere.  Carter prefers the company of others over alone time, and really enjoys helping his adopted dad with projects.  He is a giving kid: willing to share what he has with whomever he thinks is in need.  He will give away one of his toys if he thinks someone else will enjoy it.  If there is an extra roll left at dinner time and he knows someone else wants it, he will gladly give it to them.  He has a sweet, tender side to him.  His family says that he pays close attention to what others say and gives very thoughtful gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

Carter has a strong spirit—he does not easily give up when he struggles.  He has worked hard to overcome the speech issues he’s faced due to his cleft lip and palate.  He does not let his speech struggle keep him from interacting with others—he is outgoing and makes new friends easily.  He wants to get better, and after surgeries, he has been an excellent patient, ready to get back to regular life activities.

Carter is a good eater and likes to try new foods.  He does not hoard food or gorge himself, but he is a fast eater and would rather use his hands than utensils, so he needs reminders sometimes.  He has no food allergies.

Carter does well in school socially and is respectful and helpful.   He has good comprehension and retelling skills when relaying a story.  In most subjects, he is on target, so he does not have an IEP or 504.  Math is probably his favorite subject.  He also enjoys art and crafts.  His adopted dad says that his art is more creative chaos than artistic order!

Carter shows appropriate affection toward extended family, close family friends, and his teachers.  He does not seek attention or affection from strangers.  He has appropriate stranger danger.

Carter is tender and gentle toward animals and enjoys feeding and caring for the family’s two large dogs.  He will lay down with them and talk sweetly to them, soothing them while grooming, and shows appropriate sadness when discussing that one of them is going to be passing away soon since he is so old.  He would like to have a puppy of his own and his family feels he would do very well with that kind of responsibility.  He has done therapeutic riding and loves horses.

If you fit these requirements and are interested in adopting this child, please write us back for his ‘additional info’ and to learn more about being preapproved for a Second Chance adoption.  Please write to [email protected] .

This is a private adoption, so a state or foster home study might not work. A state authorized private domestic or international home study is generally required. You will need to have a current, or easily-updated home study for this adoption.  Due to state laws, we are not able to place this child in CT, MA, NY or DE.   If you have never had a home study before, we cannot help you adopt this child.  But, we would love to share with you the process of starting a home study so you could be approved for a child in the near future.  Please write to us and ask us how to get started!

Adoption is a legal process so there will be costs associated. This adoption may qualify for the IRS Adoption Tax Credits.

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